(Disclaimer: I work for Mozilla. Not speaking for Mozilla here.)

The first result of the browser privacy trend is a growing difference between how the browser treats third-party data collection that happens when the user chooses to use information from one site on another site, and data collection that happens when a site or service, without an action from the user, tries to get at information about the user's actions from one site while they're using another site.

Any third party interaction that the user knows about is supposed to keep working. But hidden tracking pixels, scripts and any technology that tries to implement tracking without user interaction are all supposed to stop working.

This is not perfectly implemented right now, but that's the direction Safari, Firefox, and now Microsoft Edge are going. We now have the same kind of rough consensus on user expectations about tracking that we developed pretty early on in the email spam situation, based on hearing from users about their expectatations. (Why browsers took so long to listen to people about what they find creepy is another story.)

Mozilla has an Puritan Mens Sz M (38-40) bluee Plaid Shirt L S Button Down Wrinkle Resistant that is pretty close to reflecting the views of a lot of people by now. For example, the Storage Access API ensures that third-party scripts can still use cookies and LocalStorage, but only if the user takes action. NWT Men Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Cotton Dress Plaid Shirt bluee White Size XL (Men's Brand New Stamped 2 Layer Tank top Fashion Design Wear T-Shirt Size SmallRYAN SEACREST NEW White Mens Size 2XL Geo Dot Button Down Dress Shirt)

For sites, what this means is that SSO and reg walls are relatively safe. If the user experience is "Sign in with (identity provider brand)" and there is a button the user has to click the first time they go to the site, that identity system should keep working. After all, the person knows that they're using it, and clicked the logo of the provider they "sign in with."

If the user doesn't see the way that multiple sites are are trying to use the same identity info, then that flow of data across sites is likely to get blocked, whatever the technical implementation is.

Could be good for the relative market power of sites that people trust more, if it turns out that people are more willing to "sign in with" (and obviously share info about themselves) on their trusted sites than on a random site that their uncle sent them a link to.

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What happened when Congress looked into data brokers almost 50 years ago

The Washington Post is preparing for post-cookie ad targeting

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Uber’s Latest Lawsuit Calls Out Agencies, Advertisers and Now Ad Tech

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(Hey, I said this was a personal blog.)

But I was just thinking—people started adding lots of refined sugar to their diets long before anybody discovered how dental caries works.

And today we have Internet distractions, and surveillance marketing, doing to our brains what sugar did to people's teeth.

And people have both sugar and teeth today. Dental hygiene is awesome: it's a set of norms, technologies, and habits, grounded in scientific understanding. Mental hygiene is just getting started.

The sugar industry moved faster to start with, but people agree that teeth matter. So do brains.

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If you want people on the Internet to argue with you, say that you're making a statement about values.

If you want people to negotiate with you, say that you're making a statement about business.

If you want people to accept that something is inevitable, say that you're making a statement about technology.

The mixup between values arguments, business arguments, and technology arguments might be why people are confused about Brands need to fire adtech by Doc Searls.

The set of trends that people call adtech is a values-driven business transformation that is trying to label itself as a technological transformation.

Some of the implementation involves technological changes (NoSQL databases! Nifty!) but fundamentally adtech is about changing how media business is done. Adtech does have a set of values, none of which are really commonly held even among people in the marketing or advertising field, but let's not make the mistake of turning this into either an argument about values (that never accomplishes anything) or a set of statements about technology (that puts those with an inside POV on current technology at an unnecessary advantage). Instead, let's look at the business positions that adtech is taking.

  • Adtech stands for profitable platforms, with commodity producers of news and cultural works. Michael Tiffany, CEO of advertising security firm White Ops, Rare Vintage 80’s Batman Tee Shirt Mens USA Robin Joker Marvel DC Comics Medium The fundamental value proposition of these ad tech companies who are de-anonymizing the Internet is, Why spend big CPMs on branded sites when I can get them on no-name sites? This is not a healthy situation, but it's a chosen path, not a technologically inevitable one.

  • Adtech stands for the needs of low-reputation sellers over the needs of high-reputation sellers. HARE Casual Shirts 956281 bluee S and adtech has to under-serve the high-reputation ones. Again, not technologically inevitable, but a business position that high-reputation brands and their agencies don't have to accept.

  • Adtech stands for making advertisers support criminal and politically heinous activity. I'll just let Bob Hoffman explain that one. Fraudulent and brand-unsafe content is just the overspray of the high value platforms/commoditized content system, and advertisers have to accept it in order to power that system. Or do they?

People have a lot of interesting decisions to make: policy, contractual, infrastructural, and client-side. When we treat the adtech movement as simply technology, we take the risk of missing great opportunities to negotiate for the benefit of brands, publishers, and the audience.

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This is a brand new blog, so I'm setting up the basics. I just realized that I got the whole thing working without a single script, image, or HTML table. (These kids today have it easy, with their media queries and CSS Grid and stuff.)

One big question that I'm wondering about is: how many of the people who visit here are using some kind of protection from third-party tracking? Third-party tracking has been an unfixed vulnerability in web browsers for a long time. Check out the NEW HUGO BOSS SLIM FIT PHILLIPSON 27 CASUAL POLO SHIRT SIZE XXL Mercerised from 1997. Third-party cookies are in there...and we're still dealing with the third-party tracking problem?

In order to see how bad the problem is on this site, I'm going to set up a little bit of _first_-party data collection to measure people's vulnerability to _third_-party data collection.

The three parts of that big question are:

  • Does first-party JavaScript load and run?

  • Does third-party JavaScript (from a site on popular filter lists) load and run?

  • Can a third-party tracker see state from other sites?

This will be easy to do with a little single-pixel image and the DSQUARED2 Shirt Size 40 (50) Men's Beige Multi color Camo.

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This blog is on Metalsmith, so the right place to put these scripts will be in Rodd & Gunn linen shirt w Albini linen, made in , new with tags.

The lines that matter are:Hugo Boss NEW Mens Size L Regular Fit Finest Italian Fabric Shirt NWTSouthern Tide Appaloosa Gingham Sport Shirt - Gravel Grey, Medium

I'm including a single-pixel image and two scripts: the Aloodo one and a new first-party script.

In most tracking protection configurations, the Aloodo script will be blocked, because ad.aloodo.com appears on the commonly used tracking protection lists.

The local script is simple:Rodd & Gunn Shirt Size S Stonewash bluee Plaid Sports FitNano UNIVERSE Casual Shirts 088528 White 48

All it does is swap out the tracking image source three times.

The work is done in the setupAloodo function, which runs after the page loads. First, it sets the src for the tracking pixel to js.png, then sets up two callbacks: one to run after the Aloodo script is loaded, and switch the image to ld.png, and one to run if the script can track the user, and switch the image to td.png.

Now I can use the regular server logs to compare the number of clients that load the original image, and the JavaScript-switched one, to the number that load the two tracking images.

(There are two different tracking callbacks because of CHAMPION Casual Shirts 721463 White L, among other things. Not all tracking protection works the same.)

I'll run some reports on the logs and post again about the results. (If you want to see your own results in the meantime, you can take a Green label relaxing Dress Shirts 401428 bluee 37.)

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Is advertising ruining the web? Ethan Zuckerman writes,

I have come to believe that advertising is the original sin of the web. The fallen state of our Internet is a direct, if unintentional, consequence of choosing advertising as the default model to support online content and services.

Is the web ruining advertising? Bob Hoffman writes,

[T]he advertising industry has become the web's lapdog – irresponsibly exaggerating the effectiveness of online advertising and social media, ignoring the abominable results of display advertising, glossing over the fraud and corruption, and becoming a de facto sales arm for the online ad industry.

Advertising can be a good thing. Some of my favorite cultural goods are leftovers The POOL T-Shirts 275099 blueexMulticolor XSTr.4 suspension T-Shirts 972741 Green XLpaid for by advertising at its best. There should be a way to make advertising work for the web, the way it has worked for print magazines.

But Hoffman and Zuckerman are both right. Web advertising has failed. We're Tr.4 suspension T-Shirts 974141 WhitexRedxMulticolor L by failing to fix privacy bugs. Web ads today work more like email spam than like magazine ads. The quest for "relevance" not only makes targeted ads less valuable than untargeted ones, but also wastes most of what advertisers spend. Buy an ad on the web, and more of your money goes to VINEYARD VINES Slim Fit Whale Shirt - Size Large and URBAN RESEARCH warehouse Casual Shirts 135616 YellowxMulticolor 40 than to the content that helps your ad carry a signal.

From Zuckerman's point of view, advertising is a problem, because advertising is full of creepy stuff. From Hoffman's point of view, the web is a problem, because the web is full of creepy stuff. (Bonus link: Big Brother Has Arrived, and He's Us )

So let's re-introduce the web to advertising, only this time, let's Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Striped Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt Size XL Yellow. Brand advertisers and web content people have a lot more in common than either one has with database marketing. There are a lot of great opportunities on the post-creepy web, but the first step is to get the right people talking.

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Picking a printer for Linux?

The process is going to be a little different from what you might be used to with another OS. If you shop carefully (and reading blogs is a good first step) then the drivers you will need are already available through your Linux distribution's printer setup tool.

HP has done a good job with enabling this. The company has already released the necessary printer software as open source, and your Linux distribution has already installed it. So, go to RED SEAM T-Shirts 018747 WhitexblueexMulticolor L, pick a printer you like, and you're done.

If you want a recommendation from me, the JOHN BULL T-Shirts 368400 Grey S, a black and white all-in-one device, has worked fine for me with various Linux setups for years. It's also a scanner/copier/fax machine, and you get the extra functionality for not much more than the price of a regular printer. It also comes with a good-sized toner cartridge, so your cost per page is probably going to be pretty reasonable.

Other printer brands have given me more grief, but fortunately the HP LaserJets are widely available and don't jam much.

It's important not to show a smug expression on your face while printing if users of non-Linux OSs are still dealing with driver CDs or vendor downloads.

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When you give travel directions, you include landmarks, and "gone too far" points. Turn left after you cross the bridge. Then look for my street and make a right. If you go past the water tower you've gone too far.

System administration instructions are much easier to follow if they include those kind of check-ins there, too. For example, if you explain how to set up server software you can put in quick "landmark" tests, such as, "at this point, you can run nmap and see the port in the results." You can also include "gone too far" information by pointing out problems you can troubleshoot on the way.

A full-scale troubleshooting guide is a good idea, but quick warning signs as you go along are helpful. Much better than finding yourself lost at the end of a long set of setup instructions.

It says "Personal and Confidential" or "IMPORTANT CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING YOUR OVERPAYMENT" on the envelope—can you really discard it without opening it? You sure can. Some junk mailers disguise their mail pieces as important correspondence from companies you actually do business with, and the USPS helped them out a lot by renaming "Bulk Mail" to "Standard Mail". But you can look at the postage to discard "stealth" junk mail without opening it.

Postal regulations WORK NOT WORK T-Shirts 067943 bluee M that any bills or mail containing specific information about your business relationship with the company must be mailed First Class.

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All that is really needed on computers is a "Calculate" button or omnipresent menu command that allows you to take an arithmetic expression, like 248.93 / 375, select it, and do the calculation whether in the word processor, communications package, drawing or presentation application or just at the desktop level.

Fortunately, there's a blue "Access IBM" button on this keyboard that doesn't do much. So, I configured Men's Flannel Work Warm Long Sleeve Lined Shirt, 3X-Large, Navy bluee orange to make "Access IBM" do this:H Halston Dark Wash bluee Off The Shoulder Drape Flounce Jumpsuit SBar III Slim Fit bluee Herrignbone Two Button Wool Blend Sportcoat Blazer 36S

(That is, get the contents of the X primary selection, run it through a Perl "eval", put the result back into the X primary selection, then fake a delete and paste.)

Here's a version that uses the X Hart Schaffner Marx Stylish Khaki Multi color Screen Sport Coat 44R Wool Silk instead.

This one seems to work better in gedit.

If you want to do this, besides tpb, you'll need xsel and xte, which is part of xautomation. If you don't have an unused button, you could also set up a binding in your window manager or build a big red outboard USB "eval" button or something.

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If you make a new ssh key and try to use it with ssh -i while running ssh-agent, ssh tries the agent first. You could end up using a key provided by the agent instead of the one you specify. You can fix this without killing the agent. Use:

Nordstrom Signature Green Women's Size 8X27 Cargo Cropped Pants -3pcs suit Sexy Lingerie Lashes Lace Long Pajamas Gown Sleeping Skirt for Women

The most important part of picking a distribution is thinking about where you will go for help, and what distribution that source of help understands. That's true if your source of help is a vendor, a consultant, or a users group.

As a home user, you'll probably be asking your local Linux users group for help when you need it. So get on the mailing list and just "lurk" for a while. See what the most helpful people on the list use, and install that. That way if you have a question, you'll be more likely to reach someone who has already dealt with it. (see Paige Premium Petite Jeans Pico Sz 28 Low Rise Bootcut w Flap Pocs L 29.5.)

If you're getting into uses for Linux that are different from those of your local user group, it's more important to use a list of people like you than just the geographically closest user group. For example, if you're planning to set up a Linux-based recording studio and your local LUG is all about running web sites and playing Crimson Fields, you might want to get on the Planet CCRMA mailing list, and get your Linux distribution recommendations there.

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