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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

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Jacqueline finally posted her blog the other day, just a few days late Jac!  I believe that the reason it is so late it because it is so gosh darn long…Six long pages later, Jac really could have boiled it down to this:

Kim G acted like an ass, Caroline told her off, Caroline’s family had her back.  Christopher remains friends with Kim’s son and Jac would still say Hi to Kim G if she saw her on the street. 

The Laurita Christmas is traditional and similar to many others across the country.  They enjoy going to Caroline’s for Christmas Eve but some family members weren’t comfortable with the camera’s and decided against going to the Manzo’s while filming. 

Ashley decided that she didn’t want to spell her name the way her mother and father gave it to her and now spells her name Ashlee, Jacqueline continues to spell it Ashley.  Jac is clearly disgusted by her daughter’s constant digs and jabs at Jacqueline and Chris, but without bashing her own child, she simply hopes Ashley can see the truth someday.  Chris is a great step-fater.  OPENING CEREMONY BARNEYS NEW YORK White Pique Dress Sz L NWTJUNYA WATANABE COMME des GARCONS Short Sleeve One-piece Dress Cotton JAPAN FSJIL SANDER NAVY Dresses 943858 bluee 36

Six pages down to three paragraphs,I saved you all a whole lot of time.  No, don’t thank me Jac, it was my pleasure 🙂

Teresa’s blog just annoys me, she writes like she’s so much better than anyone else on the cast because she’s not going to bash anyone yet she goes on to use underhanded ways to jab at them anyway.JIL SANDER Skirts 834545 Grey 38  Teresa says that her husband remained silent while Melissa’s sister’s bump and grind on the dance floor.  WHAT?  This is Teresa’s way of telling viewers that the girls were dancing in what she feels is a raunchy way yet not coming right out and saying it.  I take back my original thought that someone else writes Teresa’s blog for her.  No one else is that stupid.

Some not so bright fan Tweeted to Teresa that she should be on Dancing With The Stars next season, apparently assuming that it is Teresa’s decision in the first place.  Teresa responded:

@Teresa_Guidice:  Would ♥ to but they don’t want Housewives this season. But Playmates are OK?

I don’t think they’ll want Housewives any season, I think the height of the Housewife popluarity may have came and gone.  If they were ever going to put Teresa on Housewives, it would probably have been last season.  There is no more popular or famous Housewife than Just Cavalli Shorts Women Size 44, color golden Bethenny Frankel and even she didn’t warrant an invitation on Dancing with the Stars, she got the next best thing that unfortunately flopped.  The best part of Skating with the Stars was the feud between Bethenny and judge weiny extradonarie Johnny Wier.

Keep dreaming Giudice, no matter how you pronounce your last name this year, or next year DWTS doesn’t want you!

The Manzo boys have a new venture, BLK Water which is water infused with folic acid that is apparently good for you.  The claim/sales tactic is that it helps you get over a hangover.  Interesting idea, would you buy Manzo water? 

I will give the Manzo boys credit for sticking up for their mother Caroline.  Caroline infused herself (yes infused) into a conversation that turned into an argument with Kim G.  Caroline was right that Kim brought Monica to the party to start trouble but it wasn’t Caroline’s trouble and it wasn’t Caroline’s house.  As if that matters!  Caroline gave it to Kim G but good and when it looked as though it may get physical, Chris, Albie and Al Senior all jumped in front of Caroline.  That is the kind of family you can admire.  The Manzo’s don’t typically jump into drama so I think it was genuinely done for their mother.

A preview of Sunday’s Christmas day at the Giudice house:

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Laboratori Italiani - Topwear Polo - Mann - white - 6094421C191806As Teresa explains that she tries to teach her four daughters that Christmas isn’t about material things, her girls are opening up expensive gifts and her lazy lump husband could barely get out of bed to be there, when he does he just takes a new place on the couch laying there like a lump on a rock.  Joe Giudice is really disgusting.

More RHONJ Previews tomorrow right here at IHJZ!

Enjoy your weekend the New Jersey girls will air on Sunday night with a new Watch What Happens Live to follow.  Immediately after WWHL, don’t miss Carly and I recapping the episode on blogtalk radio!  Here is the link to Carly’s site, you can also listen to past shows here:

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Notice how Jill Tweets in hopes of letting people know what she’s doing and what D-list celebrity she is sucking up to?

I love this, now Andy has to tweet to let people know that he’s with Bethenny!

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Real Housewives of New York

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The New York ladies will be back with part two of the reunion show on Monday night.  I would imagine anyone watching this show would be concerned for the mental health of Kelly Bensimon. I honestly don’t know where Andy Cohen comes up with calling Bensimon “The voice of reason”    Kelly was a mean girl who treated Alex as if she was a child who was misbehaving, just as Alex pointed out Kelly doesn’t even know Ales but just listens to her boss Jill Zarin and does as she’s told.

Jill continues to whisper in Bensimon’s ear telling her what to say, she can’t help herself.  Even after viewers criticized Jill last season for telling Kells what to say, she did it again.  I don’t know why Jill just doesn’t say it herself, she has no problem inturrupting anyone else, why not just say what you want Kelly to say Ms. Zarin?

Next week will bring more arguments and more vile behavior.

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Cat Deeley, Host of So You Think You Can Dance

Since Cat is the only British guest, Rocco takes her back to meet the chefs. She tells them it was her family’s tradition to buy all the Sunday papers and go to the pub. Kevin worries that he didn’t make any of Cat’s favorites. Janet just wants her to stop talking and leave.

They love Janet’s room and the spike napkin rings. She puts malt vinegar into Raven’s crisps instead of the bacon. Ken starts talking about molecular gastronomy and things I don’t understand. Raven describes herself as a chickaturkeyfishatarian and was not raised to eat pork or beef. She says the crisps with the chili and bacon smell like old feet. The salad comes out and Amanda doesn’t like the fact that she separated the salad. Cat loves the cheese and Chris likes it too. They think the bone marrow dish is sublime. Everyone loves it. The brisket is next and Janet is worried about it not being tender enough. Raven gets the gnocchi and it reminds her of school tater tots and she says it brought her joy. The others think the brisket is too lean and dry but like the Yorkshire pudding. The last course is the Rose Mascarpone Cloud with the milky tea broth. Chris loves it. Cat thinks it’s terrible and she has no idea what milky tea broth is and she’s English. Frank thought it was adequate.

Kevin is next. The guests think Kevin’s room feels more like a pub. I think they like Kevin’s room better than Janet’s. The menu is on a chalk board and Cat seems excited about what’s on it. Kevin says his food is solid food and comfort food. Raven does not like her cumin and tomato soup, but the others like their ham and pea soup. Janet thinks Kevin’s food looks really simple as he’s is pulling it out. The fish and chips are next. They like the batter and the cole slaw. Raven says she loves that she’s in London without taking an 18 hour flight. Kevin is afraid he put too much saffron on his lobster pot pies. Rocco says he thinks of Cartman when he thinks about pot pie. Raven imitates Cartman and Christopher says “That’s so Raven.” Amanda says the pot pie tastes like bathroom tile because of he saffron. It’s not a hit. Next they get the lamb dish and everyone seems to like it except Cat because it has beans and chard and she’s not used to her lamb done that way. Raven won’t eat the lamb (Rocco didn’t know she didn’t eat lamb and apologizes), but she likes the other ingredients on the plate. As a substitute for the liver and onion dish, Raven gets an edamame salad. Raven loves it and the others love the liver dish. The dessert is white and dark chocolate bread pudding. Ken says it seems a little off. The diners really didn’t like it. Rocco says Kevin did a really good job, even though his last impression wasn’t really a good impression. Cat says the dining experience felt comforting.

All guests say they enjoyed both dining experiences. The winner is (I hope it’s Kevin) Kevin! Rocco tells Janet her room made a big impact, but they didn’t like her salad and that she thought too much about it. He tells her the bone marrow and Yorkshire pudding was the best dish of the evening. He tells Kevin his room felt like a gastropub and was warm and inviting. They loved the pea soup and calf liver, but didn’t like the pot pie. Rocco tells Janet that when she allows her intellect to take a back seat to her all of her gifts she will be well on her way to being a great chef.

Thanks BB!  Great job on Rocco’s Dinner Party!

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Finally, Happy Twitter Birthday to Jill Zarin  (thanks Boston02127) Jill joined Twitter three years ago today.  6,194 Tweets later….minus the one’s she deleted, and no sign of slowing down.

Until Next Time…

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